Tesla Motors may have been initially cagey about its production figures while the first few cars were being delivered, but as production gathers pace the company is revealing more details on Model S deliveries.

In one of his regular Inside Tesla features on the Tesla Blog, Tesla vice president of sales and ownership George Blankenship confirms production and delivery numbers, two months on from the first car reaching its owner.

Blankenship says that the 100th production Model S has now left the line, of which 74 are for delivery to the first reservation holders.

The other vehicles are being used for test drives--such as on Tesla's 'Get Amped' tour--as well as in-store displays, engineering tests and service team training.

He also confirms that Tesla is still on course to increase production over the coming weeks, to meet the target of 5,000 vehicles by the end of the year.

And as CEO Elon Musk confirmed less than a week ago, this period is critical for the future success of Tesla--cars leaving the line really must be perfect.

While cars are trickling out of the factory, Blankenship also makes time to comment on the Model S's impressive figures during Edmunds track testing, as well as the continuing Get Amped tour, where more than 5,000 people have got behind the wheel of a Model S, racking up over 38,000 miles.

We look forward to hearing more production numbers from Tesla--and seeing if they can meet that 5,000 car target by the end of this year.


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