As scientists have been warning for some time, the U.S. is at risk of losing its leadership in areas like Physics and Chemistry, thanks in part to a lack of public interest in the sciences. 

So when we found out that Toyota had paired its 2012 Prius V wagon with How Things Work for a web TV series of fun science experiments, we got a little excited. 

We hoped the web series would use Toyota’s first hybrid wagon to explain how a highly-efficient combustion engine works, or perhaps examine basic electromagnetism using its pair of powerful electric motors. 

What we found instead however, was a set of ads focusing on how big the $26,550 hybrid was inside, thinly disguised by a layer of basic physics.

Hosted by How Stuff Works’ Ben Bowlin, the series of shorts explains the different states of matter, using the interior of the Prius V as a makeshift measuring container. 

Prius V Science

Prius V Science

With its computer-animated backdrop, cheerful soundtrack and bite-sized science explanations, the six episodes might be fun for the younger viewer, making us wonder if Toyota is utilizing pester power to sell its hybrid wagon

But we doubt it will encourage anyone old enough to drive a car to head to their local dealer and put down a deposit on the 2012 Prius V. 

What do you think of the short Prius science clips? And what science would you want to do with the aid of a Toyota Prius V? 

Let us know in the Comments below. 


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