Here are two subjects we never thought would go together: zombies, and plug-in cars.

But the winning entry in the 2012 MOFILM Barcelona Chevrolet Volt Video Contest  by director Josh Soskin does just that, and now it's being aired by Chevrolet Europe to help drum up interest for its plug-in hybrid.

It also appears to be helping the trend towards putting zombies in car ads...

Imagine the following scenario: you’re driving down the road, being chased by a maundering horde of animated corpses eager to turn your brains into a little snack.

Just as you think you’re getting away, your traditional gasoline car runs out of fuel. 

And you’re stuck with the worst case of range anxiety ever. 

Range Anxiety

Range Anxiety

As you, not to mention your petrified buddy, struggle to get out of the car and up the street away from the encroaching brain munchers, your friend stumbles on the trash-strewn highway and hurts his foot.

This could be your end.

Bracing yourself for the worst, you desperately try to haul your friend along the road, when suddenly, you notice a car beside you.

It’s a Chevrolet Volt, piloted by a calm, collected woman who offers you a lift. 

Suddenly, your life is saved by the fact that the Volt can run on both electricity and gasoline. 

Like some other plug-in car ads we’ve seen recently, Zombie Ride doesn’t say anything about the Volt itself, but we like this ad for three reasons:

Firstly, this ad is the first we’ve seen from any automaker in which the term range anxiety is used with reference to a gasoline car rather than an electric one.

Secondly, unlike most Volt ads, this one focuses on its ability to operate without gasoline providing a back-up.

Thirdly, the ad was created by an independent director,  rather than a creative from a GM ad agency. (To see the other 2012 MOFILM Barcelona Chevy Volt Video Contest Runners up, you can head here.)


Zombie-Saving Chevrolet Volt

Zombie-Saving Chevrolet Volt

Sadly, we don’t think Zombie Ride is headed for U.S. screens, but we think its humorous take on the zombie movie genre would work great to any movie theater audience about to watch a horror movie. 

As for the unlikely event that we will be hit by a zombie outbreak? 

Make sure you pack well, and fully charge your electric car before you leave...


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