Being a startup media company means knocking on a whole lot of doors. And, occasionally, someone important answers.

Here at High Gear Media, we're delighted to announce a partnership with The Washington Post.

Their editors will choose certain stories from GreenCarReports and our other sites (The Car Connection and Motor Authority) to use on their site, in their Business and Cars sections.

Even better (for those of us who remember media on, ummm, paper), some of those stories may show up in the print versions of The Post.

We're the first automotive content company to work with The Post in this way, and we like to think it says something about the quality of our content.

The Washington Post is known for journalistic excellence--their Pulitzer Prizes abound--and we're honored to be associated with them.

For regular readers of GreenCarReports, this means that Post readers across the country and globally may well be reading the same stories you see every day.

We still hope you'll ask friends and colleagues, "Hey, did you see that story on GreenCarReports?" But perhaps they'll start asking you about stories on similar topics they saw in the Post too. Fingers crossed.

Stories covered by this agreement include breaking news, our first drive reports, and our specialty--pieces that put gas-mileage rules, new technologies, and the politics of energy policy into context.

We aim to help our readers make sense of the often confusing and cacophonous discussion about green-car issues from plug-in car incentives to ethanol tax breaks, from what MPG figures really mean (and where they come from) to how carmakers will reach CAFE levels of 54.5 mpg by 2025 in the real world.

High Gear Media now has a growing number of syndication deals, including partnerships with Yahoo!, VentureBeat, Fox News and Business Insider, among others.

We're pleased that The Washington Post has chosen to partner with us, and we look forward to more readers joining you, our faithful (and occasionally contentious) followers and commenters.

Let us know if you see any GreenCarReports stories in The Post on paper, or on And as always, we thank you for following us.


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