If you’re already drive a plug-in hybrid or electric car then the chances are you’ve spent at least some time standing in a parking lot somewhere answering questions from a curious passer-by about your car.  Or perhaps you've experienced a curious neighbor asking questions like the curious neighbor of a new 2011 Nissan Leaf owner in the video above. 

But how exactly do you explain a plug-in car to a complete stranger? How do you best get across the joy of driving a plug-in car? And how do you deal with electric car skeptics who subscribe to Matt Drudge’s opinion of electric cars and just want to attack you for driving a car they feel has cost the tax payer dearly? 

Enter non-profit plug-in advocacy group Plug-In America, and a free online webinar it is hosting designed to make electric car owners better plug-in car advocates.  

Covering everything from displaying your plug-in car at an event to chance meetings in the parking lot, webinar hosts Tom Saxton and Chad Schwitters will help you deal with questions about everything from range anxiety and charging through to eco-friendliness, cost and reliability.  

An electric vehicle supporter since 2006 and driver since 2008, Saxton owns both a 2002 RAV4 EV and a Tesla Roadster, while Schwitters, his wife and their children all drive some form of plug-in car. 

The webinar kicks off on Wednesday, January 18 at 5pm Pacific time and can be viewed on a Windows or Mac OS X computer as well as on an Apple iPad.   

Plug-in America advises that you’ll need a reliable, reasonably fast Internet connection to get the most out of the event, like a DSL or Cable connection.  

Anyone is welcome to virtually attend the free webinar, although you’ll need to register beforehand in order to gain access to the live stream.  

What's the most unusual or awkward plug-in car question you've ever been asked by someone keen to know more about your plug-in car? Let us know in the Comments below. 


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