Former American Le Mans Series veterans Drayson Racing might not be racing electric cars as quickly as they’d hoped thanks to the cancellation of this year’s EVCup, but the green-minded race team will soon be unveiling a prototype racing car as part of the International Motorsport Business Week in January next year.  

Built as a joint project between the Lola Group and Drayson Racing Technologies, the B12/69EV race car will be used to give those in the industry a sneak peek at the car Drayson Racing hopes to enter into the 2013 FIA Formula E world championship

The all-electric race car won’t be the first potential entrant we’ve seen for the FIA-backed race series. Earlier this year, Italian motor racing specialist FondTech and former Ferrari Formula 1 team areodynamisict Jean-Claude Midgeot unveiled an unusual-looking race car which was claimed to have enough range to race at Formula 3 race-speeds for 20 minutes. 

FondTech E-11 electric race car prototype

FondTech E-11 electric race car prototype

Lord Drayson, former U.K. governmental Minister for Science and Innovation, isn’t a stranger to alternative-fuel race cars. In fact, Drayson Racing has featured in both the ALMS and the International Le Mans Cup series, coming third in the ILMC last year with a full race car powered on bio-ethanol. 

“Electric racing is really taking off with the launch of the new FIA Formula E world championship,” said Lord Drayson. “Electric racing is a major new business opportunity for motorsport and underlines the growing potential of green racing with new drivetrains, new materials, new fuels and new aerodynamic developments that will be highlighted at the conference. It is an exciting time to be a race engineer.”

There’s no word yet on what the unimaginatively-named B12/69EV race car concept will look like, or what its technical specifications will be. However, given Drayson Racing’s keen adoption of electric car technology -- including inductive charging -- we think race fans could be in for a treat. 


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