Steve Fambro, the man behind the revolutionary and futuristic design that was the Aptera 2e electric car, 2h plug-in hybrid and 2g ultra-high mpg gasoline car, is breaking silence and giving his first public interview today on the online green transport show TransportEvolved.

Hosted by our very own Nikki Gordon-Bloomfield, the show will talk with Fambro about his time at the company, as well as hopefully clear up some confusion surrounding when and where Aptera prototype body shells were destroyed by Aptera employees. 

The show airs live at 3pm Eastern, and will be available shortly afterwards as an MP3 and Video edition of the show. 

Anyone wanting to watch the show live can do so by visiting the TransportEvolved website, while those wishing to ask questions to Steve Fambro can do so by adding it to the show’s live shownote page, tweeting it with the hashtag, #transportevolved, or by asking it directly in the show’s live chatroom. 

After the show airs, we’ll be writing up the interview, as well as posting the full unedited edition of the show when it becomes available. 


[EDIT: The show has now been uploaded, and can be viewed below]


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