Recently we reported on the internal shake up going on over at Aptera.  Previously, we had followed the story of other sources stating that both co-founders of the company had been released.  However, Popular Mechanics is now reporting a much different story.

According to the Popular Mechanics report, co-founders Steve Fambro and Chris Anthony have not been fired.  Both have decided to leave the company for an undisclosed amount of time.

The report states that Steve Fambro, who is currently in charge of Aptera's advanced concepts group, has graciously agreed to take some time off.  As Aptera's chief marketing officer Marques McCammon said, "Steve remains a member of the board, so he'll never really be ‘gone'. But he has agreed to allow himself to be one of the reductions for the short term. And then he'll come back in the new year once we get the series ‘D' final round of funding closed and we can turn advanced concepts back on."

Fambro went on record saying, "I think some people read into this situation a little further than they should have.  Some folks were let go, and since they hadn't seen me around-they put two and two together and made a fairly large and incorrect assumption.  Since I started Aptera, I've had like three or four vacation days.  So I need to take some time, and come back in the beginning of the new year."

On to co-founder Chris Anthony.  Anthony's involvement with his own start up company called Flux Power has taken up the majority of his time.  He works as CEO of Flux Power which is a full time job and he has been devoting less and less time to Aptera.  Due to other commitments, Anthony has stepped away from the company, but its unclear if this is a permanent leave.  As Fambro said of Anthony, " "Flux is unrelated to Aptera but it has gotten to be so lucrative for him and required so much of his time that he's basically committing full-time to that company.  He's been less than part-time for a while, so this is just a natural transition for him and we've all talked about it."

Fambro went on to claim that he has no problems with Aptera selecting Paul Wilbur.  Fambro believes that his design changes are beneficial to the company an he is pleased with the companies overall direction.  As Fambro said, "I can say that Paul Wilbur's leadership and Tom Reichenbach's talent (VP of engineering), the changes that they've made to the vehicle are spot-on.  Anyone can armchair quarterback, but the changes have made the vehicle better-it's better-handling and more comfortable."

So the rumors have been put to rest.  Either that or Aptera is really good on covering stories up.  Confirmation from co-founder Steve Fambro should dispel previous stories about a shake up in leadership at Aptera.  Yes, the company did release several employees, but neither Fambro nor Anthony were on that list.  And yes, the company still faces financial difficulties, but is hopeful that government loans will bail them out.

Source:  Popular Mechanics