With GM's generous offer of a free loaner vehicle should you be concerned about the safety of your Chevy Volt, we're sure many will take the opportunity to pick a car with similar utility.

A Cruze or Malibu, perhaps. Maybe even a Sonic if economy and around-town trips are a priority. Some people noticed that GM didn't specify a list of cars you had to choose.

So could you take out a Camaro then? Or... maybe even a Corvette? So Jalopnik asked GM. "Yes," they said. "Even a Corvette".

That's some impressive generosity from the General, but even though you could realistically be rumbling around in Chevy's V8 supercar while your Volt is being looked at, GM isn't expecting a rush of Volt customers wanting Corvette loaner cars.

"Theoretically if you wanted to get into a Corvette, the customer's Volt Advisor will work to get them into one" said Greg Martin from GM. But Martin reckons green-conscious Volt buyers aren't likely to be interested in a V8 sports car that does 16 mpg city, 26 highway.

It also means Camaros and Silverados are unlikely to be snapped up too quickly, shunned in favor of something a little more sensible - like the aforementioned Sonic, or maybe a 42 mpg Cruze Eco.

Still, it's nice to see Chevy's customer focus in the face of adversity, and for a small bunch of Volt owners the sight of a 'Vette on their drive might offset the disappointment of not having their Volt...


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