Here at GreenCarReports we like to cover every aspect of owning and driving an electric car -- from choosing the right model for you through to learning how to get the best range and buying a dedicated charging station. 

But what about getting your electric car charging station installed? Do you know what steps need to be carried out to safely install a level 2, 240-volt charging station in your garage? 

Unless you’re a professional electrician or a committed electric car enthusiast who has fitted their own do-it-yourself charging station, the answer is probably ‘No’ -- but this 30-minute video produced by the U.S. Department of Energy's shows you everything you need to know. 

Aimed at contractors and professional electricians, this informational training video covers everything from the basics of electric car terminology through to best practices, regulations and even telling the differences between the various global electric car charging standards. . 

While the video may be a little more technical than those we normally share with you it gives you a real insight into the kind of training electricians and contractors are being put through to ensure that they are installing your charging station safely and appropriately. 

Charging Station Installation Video (screenshot)

Charging Station Installation Video (screenshot)

And if like us -- you’re the kind of person who likes to know how something should be done  properly -- you’ll undoubtedly find this video an essential primer in preparation for having your own charging station fitted by a professional. 

The video is also a must for anyone still trying to decide which charging station is right for them, as it includes a brief explanation of some of the design features of some of the most popular charging stations on the market today. 

However, there is a warning to watching this video. Aside from being rather technical, it is also aimed at official charging station installers -- not amateurs. 

Remember, installing a level 2 charging station should be left to the professionals -- unless you’ve decided to purchase a charging station, such as those from Leviton, that is designed to be plugged into an existing domestic wiring circuit in your garage.



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