The phrase "west side of LA" conjures images of the surf at Malibu, high-dollar real estate and, on the grittier side, the gangs from the bad old days of Venice Beach.

Park those images next to the little video below from Smog and Fog Films.

On the west side, apparently even mock-gangster rappers have a green consciousness.

Where once you might rep your 'hood in a long, low Cadillac (think Snoop DeVille), now you'd better have your eyes on a Prius with blacked-out windows.

“Gettin' Real in the Whole Foods Parking Lot,” says a lot about today’s world…or at least today's California.

We especially like the reference to the all-electric "EV" mode in the Toyota Prius, where “you can’t even hear the engine.”

References to now-mainstream health foods like Quinoa and Kombucha round out this gangster rap tribute. The Snoop Dogg style rap is good for a weekend chuckle.

The real question is: Can you put 22s on a Prius? Would that increases the gas mileage?


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