2011 Fuel Economy Labels

2011 Fuel Economy Labels

The Environmental Protection Agency and Department of Transportation have unveiled their updated fuel economy labels. There's some new information aimed squarely to inform consumers looking to buy a hybrid vehicle, plug-in hybrid, or electric car.

First and foremost are the MPG or MPGe ratings, stating just how far the car's batteries or tanks will get it, how much electricity or fuel will be used to drive 100 miles, and how long it will take a plug-in vehicle to fully charge. Overall, the labels look much clearer, with 1-to-10 rating bars showing how fuel-efficient or smog-contributing a vehicle is.

Those with smartphones can scan the new QR (Quick Response) code with an app that will pull information from a site, informing the user about the vehicle and fuel efficiency. The EPA hopes that the new labels will empower consumers to make informed automotive purchases at the dealership before they have to make their first stop at the pump or an electrical outlet.

Click here (pdf) or check out the gallery for a detailed look at all of the revised fuel economy labels.

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