Oh no, not again.  It’s only a few weeks since the Top Gear boys were spotted in Lincolnshire trying to find somewhere to charge two electric cars after forgetting failing to plug them in the night before

And now electric cars are in the firing line again. This time we’re hearing reports that claim sickly sweet teen pop/R&B prince Justin Bieber was left stranded after a car he supposedly borrowed from Bob Drydek’s Fantasy Factory suffered a battery failure, leaving Bieber in need of the AAA, or at least a lift.

But was Bieber stranded in a gasoline car or an electric one? It depends on who you listen to. 

See, the original story cites a dead battery, but doesn’t detail if the battery in question was an electric vehicle battery pack or just a 12Volt automotive starter battery you’d find in just about every car on the road today.

Yes, that’s right. Gasoline cars have batteries too. Sometimes they fail. 

But perhaps that fact is a little too much to bear. Because after the original story was posted on TMZ it seems the rumor mill went into overdrive, translating a faulty battery in a gasoline vehicle into a flat battery pack in an electric car.

Campagna T-Rex on the Road

Campagna T-Rex on the Road

Of course, we may be wrong. Maybe Bieber really did borrow a bright purple electric three-wheeler from his friend Dyrdek and then ran it out of charge.  But to use the common parlance, Dyrdek and Bieber go “way back”. 

What kind of friend would lend someone a car which then ran out of charge? 

Of course, there’s a more likely scenario. Dyrdek gave Bieber a customized purple Campagna T-Rex three-wheeled motorcycle a little over two months ago, complete with a a JB monogram on the hood. While there is an electric T-Rex in existence which we have to admit is pretty sexy,  Bieber’s T-Rex  is most certainly powered by the long dead remains of its namesake.

Our final nail in the electric-car-leaves-pop-star-stranded theory? The presence of an exhaust pipe in the exclusive photographs snapped by TMZ. 

Just Bieber left stranded in an electric car? Not quite. Sensationalist and unchecked reporting? You bet. 

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