Over the years we’ve seen a whole load of electric vehicle ad campaigns, ranging from the clichéd to the quirky and from the aspirational to the downright bizarre.  Some companies have even created electric car adverts aimed directly at children

But one Brazilian ad agency has gone a little further towards the fine line between insanity and genius with a power-socket ornament in the shape of a 2011 Nissan Leaf

We’re not kidding. 

The ornaments, which snap onto any standard domestic power outlet, providing a visual reminder that all an electric car needs to recharge is a domestic wall socket. 

Or maybe it’s to remind Nissan Leaf owners to plug their cars in to recharge. 

Like we said before, it’s a fine line between genius and insanity.

Okay.It’s time to stop being facetious.  After all,  the concept of wall outlet art is hardly new, with numerous online stores selling vinyl decals to enable the aspiring interior designer to turn the boring and functional power outlet into a work of art. 

Let’s not forget that wall outlets are used every day by everybody, meaning that the subtle message to to switch to an electric car will be sent every time the outlet is used. 

2011 Nissan Leaf Kid's site

2011 Nissan Leaf Kid's site

As far as we know the Nissan Leaf power sockets are only available in Brazil, but for the electric vehicle fan that has everything this could make an excellent birthday gift. 

But why stop at one socket? You could fit a whole house worth of power sockets representing every electric car available today, or even make ones representing electric cars from history. 

How about a Tesla Roadster power socket, or perhaps a Mitsubishi ‘i’ power socket? Don’t forget the EV-1 power socket and of course, the quirky wedge-shaped Sebring Vangarge Citicar from 1974. 

The possibilities are truly endless. 

Do you have a power outlet shaped like an electric car? Would you want one? Let us know in the Comments below.