Level 3 fast charging is blisteringly fast. In fact, we got to try it out in the real world this week, recharging a 2011 Nissan Leaf from 30% full to 98% full in a little under 25 minutes. 

But while your electric car gets a quick refresh, here’s our list of five top things to keep you occupied.

Grab a Coffee

25 minutes is just about enough time to visit the local coffee shop and replenish your own reserves. 

If you’ve been driving your electric car from full to empty you’ll probably need a break too: it is generally considered that driving for more than two hours at a time without a break is a bad idea, both mentally and physically. 

So kick back, have a coffee and switch gears. By the time you’re finished your late, your car will be ready to go too. 

Check Up on Your Voicemail

Apple iPhone

Apple iPhone

Sure, your car has bluetooth, but research has proven that talking on your phone when driving can really hamper your concentration.

So, turn your cellphone off while driving, and use the time your car is recharging to check for messages.  

You’ll be rewarded with better fuel economy, less accident risk and a much more attentive detail to those who have called you.

Take a Walk

Struggling to find time to visit the Gym? Why not use your car recharge time to get fit the easy way. 

Pack a pair of comfortable sneakers in your car trunk and take yourself for a brisk walk whenever your car is getting a fast charge. 

In order to keep those pounds from piling on, experts recommend around 30 minutes a day of walking. Grab a water, put your best foot forward and enjoy the world outside of your electric car. 


Need some groceries for the end of the day, or a present for a friend’s birthday? Take the online out of your life and patronize a local business. 

Bookstores are our top place to shop while waiting for a 30 minute fast-charge.  With plenty of interesting titles to keep you occupied you discover books you’d never see shopping on Amazon. 

Fast Charging 2011 Nissan Leaf

Fast Charging 2011 Nissan Leaf

Get Connected

Car dealerships offering fast charging and malls with fast charging often offer free wireless Internet access for you to use while you wait. 

If you have a mobile device, you can always catch up on email, the latest news and even work while you car charges. 

But really, there is more to life. 

What About You?

If you’re already a proud electric car owner who fast charges regularly what do you do while you wait? Have we missed out anything? Or perhaps you have a specific tip for fellow electric car drivers when visiting a specific charger location? 

Let us know in the Comments below.