Earlier this week MINI announced via their Facebook fan page their newest addition to the social media community—MINI Motorsports. The point of the fan page is to promote the brand’s participation in motorsports around the world and not just from corporate sponsored activities—they want fans of MINIs from all over to interact, post pictures and video. You may be asking why this is important to AllSmallCars.com or the consumers around the world, let’s see what we come up with?

From our perspective, this is great for the small car perception among buyers, especially in the U.S. It shows that being small doesn’t mean that you are driving an eco-box. It also shows that MINI isn’t necessarily lacking on competitive edge. Currently, there is a WRC rally video, Countryman WRC test video and several pictures of MINIs wearing a flattering coat of dirt. In a word it is the personification of fun. Like sex, fun sells and the MINI brand has fun rapped up in a couple nice packages called the Cooper, Clubman and Countryman—if we are luck we might actually see the Coup and Speedster added to that list.

Bottom line—small cars aren’t just for high fuel mileage and a low cost of purchase. MINI takes the small car model and turns it into a community with a lifestyle all of its own—one that is truly representative of the original British car motoring spirit. Makes us want to go out and buy our own MINI and join in on the fun.

 Be sure and check out the MINI Motorsports fan page.