There are a lot of mixed feelings about one of Chevrolet’s longest running, iconic muscle cars. Yes, we are definitely talking about the Camaro and the love it or hate it sense that consumers have with it. Whenever you redesign a vehicle you will have critics, but the Camaro originally one people over from its feature in Transformers and was said to be one of the most anticipated releases in Chevrolet’s recent history (on par with the Volt). However, the reality is that the coupe does have a very custom car feel that would remind some of the ‘50s chop and channel jobs—without the Tijuana tuck-and-roll. Long-story short is that the car is hard to see out of and the trunk is somewhat difficult to use with it small opening. Then again, you are driving a muscles car and when did they ever have to be practical?

2011 Chevrolet Camaro SS Convertible

2011 Chevrolet Camaro SS Convertible

Really we aren’t here to debate the likes and dislikes of the Camaro (for the record I love the look of the car), but instead to celebrate that the convertible version is now starting to hit the roads of the U.S. What’s more is that the Camaro convertible actually looks good with the top up! Those who bought the Nemian Marcus special edition last Christmas are all breathing a sigh of relief—well, until they have to pay the bill. The question on the block: Is the Camaro better when you go topless? In most accounts the answer is a resounding yes.

Drop the top and you loose the closed-in feel; what is better than basking in the sun with the wind in your hair while listening to the rumble of the LS3 V8? This may be the best convertible from Chevrolet—only to be rivaled by the Corvette—considering that it has better torsional stiffness than the Ford Mustang GT Convertible or the BMW 3-Series Convertible. For the sports car drivers out there, they will appreciate the less NVH as compared with the Mustang GT.

Bottom line—as an owner of a 1972 Cadillac Eldorado Convertible, the Camaro has no worse blind spots and is guaranteed to be more maneuverable. Judging by the collectability of the Cadillac, the Camaro Convertible will go down in history as the iconic return of the GM convertible.


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