Making our way towards the end of the first quarter of 2010, March is one of those months that generally include a lot of Spring Break tips for those going on holiday, as well as, reports about the New York Auto Show. The article that really stuck with us this year from March 2010 wasn’t auto show news or new model announcements—thought there were plenty with the Scion iQ minicar and Nissan Juke going to the New York Auto Show. The experience, that later came across the headlines, was a trip to the Tesla dealership in beautiful downtown Boulder, Colorado.

The article, A Visit To Tesla’s Colorado Dealership: All-Electric a Mile High, reported on the dealership, the car and the experience out on the road. Of course, the Tesla is know worldwide for its capability to run 0-60 in 3.7 seconds and complete a maximum range near 240 miles all while being powered solely by electricity. It is also renowned for a price tag over $100K (before any rebates that were offered by state or federal government). The Tesla has proven that you can make an all-electric sports car and one that everyone from the youth to the baby boomer generation can get behind—that is if they have the dough to put down on one.

Why did we pick it for our top article of March 2010? To us, the Tesla being available in Boulder marks the great migration electric vehicles to the Rocky Mountain and Midwest Regions. Colorado, known for its Mountains and great skiing, doesn’t see a ton of ride and drives for consumers while on the other hand it is a strategic testing spot for manufacturers in the development process of most vehicles. Tesla making these vehicles easily accessible and serviceable in the Rocky Mountain Region means that it isn’t unusual to see one on the streets of Denver or Boulder. What’s more is that the thrill of driving one doesn't change at altitude because the electric motors aren’t affected by it. You want speed that will be the same in L.A. as it will over Trail Ridge? The Tesla can do that.


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