Recently Honda revealed the pricing for the 2011 Honda Fit and for the most part the car hasn’t changed from the versatile and affordable subcompact that we have come to respect. There are, however, some noteworthy changes, some of them speaking directly to driver and passenger safety. Even better, these safety features will be standard across all of the Fit model lines.

Honda has announced that all 2011 Honda Fit models will come with electronic stability control that the company calls Vehicle Stability Assist (VSA). This addition to the line up will satisfy the new federal safety requirements for 2012 where all vehicles will be required to have some sort stability control. It also puts it a step ahead of the sister model, the Honda Civic, a model in which you still have to upgrade to the EX-L package to get stability control.

That said, there are two features that calls “glaring omissions.” They might seem simple, which is probably why they seem so glaring—Bluetooth connectivity and satellite radio compatibility. We have to admit it does seem odd, especially for a car that you can get with an optional navigation system. Of course, those who opt for the base model will be happy to see that cruise control is now a standard feature. Maybe all the options even out in the wash.


[Source:, Honda]