For all the grief Toyota Prius hybrid drivers get, you'd think they were some deranged combination of green storm troopers and mentally defective traffic impediments.

But every now and then, a Prius driver does do something jaw-droppingly idiotic.

Take, for instance, the unidentified (and possibly inebriated) driver of this black 2010 2004-2009 Prius. He was filmed during a traffic stop at 11:20 pm last Saturday night by the video camera mounted inside the police car--into which the Prius slammed, moving backwards.

The driver is shown getting out of the car, and then jumping back in when he realizes he's left it in Reverse, rather than Park. He doesn't manage to stop it before the car backs directly into the police cruiser.

After that, within just 6 seconds, he puts the car in Drive, and promptly accelerates fast enough to slam into a tree. The Prius is thrown sideways from the force of the impact.

The tape ends with a very wary police officer staying well away from the car.

We can only speculate on whether the driver was trying to set up a so-called "sudden acceleration" defense to explain any offense he may have been charged with before his two collisions. You can decide for yourself whether you think he's staggering when he briefly gets out of the Prius (around the 0:12 mark).

Being cynical, we're a little surprised the clip wasn't titled "idiot Prius driver" or something similar. To us, idiot drunk drivers are idiot drunk drivers--regardless of whether they're driving hybrids or HUMMERs.

Of course, if you're really dying to sneer at Prius drivers, we did write about stupid Prius videos a while back, complete with a bonus: a gratituous Billy Ray Cyrus video.

Which is a whole different category of stupid.


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