As Nissan gets ready to launch it’s zero-emissions all-electric LEAF next month, the company isn’t taking any chances on the service they provide their early adopting customers. According to news our of Astugi, Japan, Nissan is setting up a rapid-reaction task force in the United States to support any possible customer issues or complaints. Think of it as an aggressive form of technical support for the LEAF. Most believe this is a reaction to the delicate state of the EV market—meaning that Nissan doesn’t want any bad experiences tainting people’s views of the all-electric vehicle.

2011 Nissan Leaf

2011 Nissan Leaf

What makes up a rapid-reaction task force? A team of 10 lead engineers trained in the LEAF’s electric powertrain. According to Automotive News the goal “is to have technicians in place to visit customers and nip problems in the bud.” “This is our first electric vehicle. The market must be properly prepared,” said Hitoshi Horie, manager of quality and customer satisfaction. 10 lead engineers doesn’t sound like enough though does it? Well, have no fear; the task force is also supposed to have around 30 technicians. So all told there will be 40 individuals that will do nothing but support the Nissan LEAF and any problems that may arise with it.

Nissan is expected to roll out similar teams in Europe and Japan, as well as, having other special support services. Japan will be the first to receive the additional support services that will include 24-hour emergency hotline, free towing, unlimited charging at dealerships and rental car discounts. The plans for the U.S. special support services haven’t been announced, but we would expect that they would have similar components.

Bottom line—The 2011 Nissan LEAF still has a lot to cover come from a lot of customers’ perspectives, but the attention to detail in regards to the launch and customer service should help alleviate the fears of those who have or will be purchasing a LEAF.


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