Commercials can provide a much-needed break from reality and some can be pretty entertaining. Just look at the Super Bowl ads…there are whole twitter groups that converse about the ads as they happen and sites that rank them in order from best to worst. Nissan isn’t waiting for the Super Bowl to put out some entertaining ads and their most recent is pretty cool—not to mention comical.

If you haven’t seen it, the commercial, “Donut Action”, depicts a businessman that gets a phone call, over the Nissan Juke Bluetooth, and is kicked in to action because the intern forgot the donuts for the status meeting. Talk about a real world emergency. The resulting adventure and action scenes show the Nissan Juke helping our commercial hero save the day. Don’t forget to check out his matching Juke red shoes.

For your watching pleasure we have found the making of video for the “Donut Action” video. Will the commercial or the making of make you want to buy a Nissan Juke? You tell us. However, the vehicle is a unique style, has an available turbocharged engine and the utility of a crossover. Just don’t try to jump through any plate glass windows. Check out the video below and be sure to hang on for the end where they show the full commercial.