As smitten as we are here at with the 2011 Nissan Leaf, we can’t help but be intrigued by the company’s latest concept at the 2010 Paris Motor Show. Are partner site,, got a sneak peak at the Nissan Townpod concept prior to its unveiling in Paris (more here). Now with it officially out to the public we have more details and perceptions on the diminutive people mover. Probably the most noticeable part of this particular concept from Nissan is the face-like attributes built into the design of the front fascia.

2010 Nissan Townpod Concept

2010 Nissan Townpod Concept

Endearing it is, indeed. Even more so, it really tries to humanize the vehicle, which is some strange way seems to fit right into the electric vehicle (EV) market, not to mention make it easier to give the car a nickname. All that aside, the Townpod concept is another EV concept from Nissan that basically utilizes the Nissan LEAF’s drivetrain system and boasts about the same range and power figures. However, the design is really where things start to differ.

The Townpod Concept is what Europe might call an MPV, we here in the states might call it a crossover or in this case a mini crossover. Even with its small size it boasts seating for four, easy entry and exit for rear passengers through suicide doors, full length van like rear doors, low load floor and unique Nissan styling. The fun doesn’t stop there, Nissan also shows off its technology prowess by outfitting the TownPod with touchscreen navigation and a new system that is supposed to integrate with the driver’s PDA or smartphone to examine appointments—then it helps plot your destination by using the vehicles navigation system. Don’t remember where you are supposed to go for your meeting or if you even have a meeting? No problem, Nissan has it covered.

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