We love new announcements, especially in the automotive industry. There is something about watching the progression of technology that is very gratifying. However, sometimes we don’t get all the information at the same time. Recently, Left Lane News reported that Toyota would be producing a “small hybrid” model in France for the year 2012. The car would be produced at the Valenciennes, France factory, but here is the rub. Toyota Motor Manufacturing France (TMMF) omitted the part where they let the press and the consumer public know if the hybrid was going to be an existing model or something all-new.

Of course, not telling means that we get to speculate. According to Left Lane News, “all signs seem to point to a hybrid version of the company’s Yaris model.” We know that refresh of the Yaris is expected in 2012, so it would make some sense for Toyota to use that platform to produce another hybrid variant. In the United Kingdom, Toyota makes a hybrid version of the Auris, a car that marked the first European-made hybrid. Representatives for TMMF did make a statement saying, “We are extremely proud of this decision, which reinforces TMMF’s position in Toyota’s European manufacturing operations. We express our warm gratitude to the authorities for the help they provided in the context of this project.” Take from that what you will.

Stay tuned for more information and maybe the “secret” model will be revealed along with other news coming out of Europe during the 2010 Paris Motor Show.



[Source: Left Lane News]