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2015 Toyota Yaris Subcompact Updated Before All-New Model

2015 Toyota Yaris Subcompact Updated Before All-New Model

In the next few years, American customers will be able to purchase an all-new Toyota Yaris, based on the next-generation Mazda 2 and built in Mexico. In the meantime, Toyota has refreshed the existing car with a new front facia and upgraded equipment levels. Toyota has injected the refreshed Yaris... read more

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2012 Chevrolet Sonic, New York City launch event, October 2011

5 Good Green Cars For Your Teen: Frugal, Fun, But Responsible Too

It's summer, the kid wants a car, what are ya gonna do? Chances are you want your kid driving around in something safe. Almost certainly something not too fun or stylish... read more June 5, 2012 by 3

Toyota Yaris Hybrid First Drive [Photos: Antony Ingram]

Toyota Yaris Hybrid Driven: Why Europeans Won't Get Prius C

The Toyota Yaris Hybrid is as significant a car for Toyota in Europe as the 2012 Toyota Prius C is for the company in the U.S. It's the cheapest hybrid on the market, emits... read more May 31, 2012 by 6

2012 Toyota Yaris LE three-door hatchback, road test, Hudson Valley, NY, Feb 2012

2012 Toyota Yaris LE Subcompact Hatchback: Drive Report

It was quite small and very, very red. This weekend's test car, a 2012 Toyota Yaris LE three-door liftback, attracted far more attention than we expected. Pedestrians and... read more February 6, 2012 by 0

2012 Toyota Yaris

Toyota's Green Autumn: 2012 Yaris, New Camry Hybrid, Prius V Wagon

While Toyota is still struggling to get itself entirely back to normal after the devastating March 11 earthquake and resulting tsunami, the company has a number of new green... read more September 9, 2011 by 0

2012 Toyota Yaris

2012 Toyota Yaris Doubles Down On Infotainment

The design of the new 2012 Toyota Yaris has probably been one of the worst kept secrets of the year, with the Japanese version of the car, known locally as the Vitz, being... read more June 20, 2011 by 0

JDM Vitz previews 2012 Toyota Yaris

Japanese Market Vitz Previews New 2012 Toyota Yaris

The new 2012 Toyota Yaris isn’t expected to hit showrooms until late next year but its Japanese twin, the Vitz, has just been unveiled. Showing a much sportier and edgy... read more December 22, 2010 by 2

2010 Toyota Yaris

Toyota Announces Secret Hybrid To Be Produced In France

We love new announcements, especially in the automotive industry. There is something about watching the progression of technology that is very gratifying. However, sometimes... read more September 26, 2010 by 0

2010 Toyota Yaris

Review: 2010 Toyota Yaris Takes On Fit, Versa

By Tim Healey Toyota's Yaris sometimes gets lost in the small-car shuffle, losing press to the Honda Fit, the Nissan Versa, and Toyota's own (admittedly larger) Corolla. The... read more February 2, 2010 by 0

2010 Toyota Prius

2010 Toyota Prius Is Best-Selling Car In Japan

In another sign that Toyota hit a home run with the third-generation Prius hybrid hatchback, the 2010 Toyota Prius was the best-selling car in Japan during 2009. It beat out... read more January 9, 2010 by 1

2011 Mazda2

2011 Mazda2 Subcompact To Launch At Los Angeles Auto Show

We previewed the upcoming 2011 Mazda2 subcompact a couple of months ago, but now we have more details, along with photos of its updated styling. The five-door hatchback will... read more November 23, 2009 by 6

gas pump

August U.S. Light-Vehicle Sales Hit Highest MPG Since $4 Gasoline

Thanks to the strong financial incentives offered by the Cash-For-Clunkers program, the average gas mileage of new vehicles sold in the U.S. during August reached a record... read more September 29, 2009 by 0

2007 Mazda2

Preview: 2011 Mazda2

Mazda will launch its global subcompact, the Mazda2 five-door hatchback, in the US market roughly a year from now. Its first appearance in North America will be at December's... read more September 17, 2009 by 2

2009 Toyota Yaris

2009 Toyota Yaris: 41 MPG Without a Hybrid or Hypermiling!

We get asked "What car should I buy?" fairly often. Once in a blue moon it's for a full-size sport-utility, but much more often it's for something smaller and more... read more June 4, 2009 by 0



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