The Nissan Leaf has really shaken up the electric vehicle (EV) world, in a positive way. In fact, we have seen through reports from Nissan that the public is willing to entertain the idea of an all-electric vehicle. The question, however, continues to be how many people that really amounts to. Enter a new email I received today from Nissan since I am registered to receive new information on the Leaf.

According to the email, Nissan is “thrilled with the overwhelming enthusiasm people like you have shown for the 100% electric Nissan LEAF™” This statement comes from the 20,000 people that have already reserved a Leaf. That is a number that exceeds Nissan’s expectation and, frankly, one that exceeds most journalist expectations. However, there is some bad news for people who want to run out an order a Leaf. Yep, in order to “provide the best level of customer service and premium ownership experience,” Nissan has closed the reservation process until next year. Then a subsequent phase of reservations will begin starting next year.

I guess waiting a couple months for the next chance to get into the future of automotive transportation isn’t all that bad. 


[Source: Nissan]