2011 Nissan Leaf BearHug

2011 Nissan Leaf BearHug

In the automotive industry on of the things all of us gear-heads and economically minded consumers look forward to is the Car and Driver 10Best. However, as the years have gone on, the public doesn’t have to wait for the 10Best to come out before they get a preview of what is to come and specifically this time there is a 10Best Surprise that caught our attention. Why? Does electric car and burnout mean anything to you?

Yes, Car and Driver has given all auto enthusiasts hope for the electric car with a simple word—burnout. We all know it is a little on the childish side, but we all did it in high school and probably have still done it in adulthood. The idea that we might loose the fun of Friday night drags with big, colorful burnouts is almost as American as trying to make a hamburger and a milkshake illegal. That said, the burnout does come from an unsuspecting car, a car that could now be called a sleeper. Nissan, whether they intended to or not, is bringing home more kudos with the 2011 Nissan Leaf’s ability to actually burnout the front wheel drive tires with the traction control off. We didn’t even have to wait until Jeremy Clarkson got a hold of one on Top Gear.

What might be even more surprising is that the traction control system can actually be disengaged to a point where you can break the tires loose of their grip on the pavement. Might not be the epitome of maturity, but sure would make for some good laughs if you smoke the tires next to a Porsche or Ferrari.

Be sure to check out the full 10Best Surprise story over at CarandDriver.com.


Disclamer: Neither AllSmallCars.com or Nissan endorse doing burnouts on public streets. Burnouts may void your warranty and all that other disclaimer jazz.