When someone says 2011 Nissan Leaf the first thought that comes to my mind is ‘when can I drive one?’ This isn’t an uncommon question among consumers either, but Nissan has the answer. Starting October 1st, Nissan will be conducting their first public test-drives of the 2011 Nissan Leaf in picturesque Santa Monica, California. Are you ready to test-drive one?

2011 Nissan Leaf Energy Display

2011 Nissan Leaf Energy Display

As you can already tell, I am more than ready, but much to my disappointment the Rocky Mountain Region (where I am based) isn’t going to get a test drive. That is, it isn’t on the schedule yet. The closest public test-drive is going to be Arizona, California or Texas. Back to the debut though; Nissan is planning on kicking off its national test-drive program for the 2011 Nissan Leaf in Santa Monica at the AltCar Expo. Then the test-drive program will move to the Orange County Auto Show in Anaheim, California, from October 8-10. Fast forward to March of 2011 where the tour will end in Nashville, Tenn.

According to Nissan, this is an “opportunity to learn about the car, its technology, its features and to actually take it for a test-drive.” The last part is the real key. Many consumers are still skeptical of the real ability of an electric vehicle, which means that actually getting some seat time in one—an affordable one at that—is one of the smartest moves Nissan could make. In fact, the MINI E was one of the most popular cars at the recent Mini Takes the States 2010 Tour. Since you can’t buy a MINI E yet, maybe the Nissan test-drive program will actually drive vehicle sales.

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