Ford has become a master at using social media to promote their vehicles around the globe. One of the vehicles benefiting from the slew of social media outreach is the 2011 Ford Fiesta. You might recall our article on the customized cars done by American Idol contestants and the Fiesta contest. Even I have been captivated by the twittering of Fiesta Movement bloggers to the point of envy; now I want to drive one of the little cars and experience (and write about) the movement that is definitely a continuous party. The next iteration of promotion for the Fiesta is the accompanying video of Kent Block in the WRC Rally Fiesta.

The video, while pushing the limits of actual reality and the rules of the road is captivating. Who wouldn’t want to drift their way out of the garage, drop the trash and prove their depth perception skills in the grocery store parking lot? The Fiesta, besides being competitive in the WRC arena, is also quite capable in the urban landscape. After you check out the video, check out our take on the Fiesta here.