The Smart ForTwo is a car that has tried to revolutionize the way people view the micro or mini car. It was a car intended to carry two people and a case of beer while still being affordable and efficient. Recently, as reported here at, the creator of the Smart, Nicolas Hayek, passed away at age 82 (more here). With his passing my interest in getting behind the wheel of a Smart for an extended period of time has increased ten fold. The question? Can a 20-something really dig something this small and “cute”. More on that later.

The meat of this prose is to look at why you should go right out on your next trip or vacation and rent a Smart car. In fact, I will give you five reasons, the last of which is the real clincher. Where do you rent one? Well, you can check with the different agencies, but I wound up with a 2009 Smart ForTwo Passion Cabriolet from Enterprise at LAX. The full adventure that has ensued from this will be coming in my Great Smart Car Road Trip: LA to San Francisco and Back Series, so stay tuned!On to the top five reasons why anyone of age should rent a Smart FortTwo:

  1. Try before you buy—trying before you buy is the American way, especially if you watch the endless infomercials in the middle of the night. What better way to experience a revolution in small, or rather, micro car design than to rent on and give it back.
  2. Environmental Impact—if you can get your luggage into it, you won’t spend a mint at the gas pump and you will be greener than most people pulling out of the rental lot.
  3. Endless Parking—in unfamiliar cities no one like feeling the pressure of hauling an unfamiliar car into a tight parking space. The Smart ForTwo takes that worry away with endless areas to park, including noise into the curb in parellel parking areas (insert typical “we are responsible statement here”).
  4. Spreading joy—yes, I am being serious, I can’t tell you how many smiles and waves I got in the Smart. This is a little car that just brightens the world. Or maybe they were amazed it could keep up on the 101 Freeway.
  5. Once in a lifetime experience—no matter if you would never own one, the Smart ForTwo is something everyone should experience. It is a marvel in engineering and industrial design. To be able to get two suitcase (carry-on hard cases), two computer bags and two people in a Smart convertible is pretty darn impressive. The experience of the car on the road will surprise you as well—in a good way.

Bottom line—the Smart has captured another writers heart, but for the full 600 plus mile adventure, stay tuned to