Electric cars and racing…that isn’t the first place people probably would have expected the electric car industry to head. That said, if it has wheels and a method of propulsion, then most likely someone one has tried to race it. You may remember late last month we reported on the Think CITY participating in START Eco Car Trials in the UK, well Think isn’t the only one getting in on the action. Citroën is also getting ready to bring an electric car to the track, this time to the Lemans Classic on July 10. What are they bringing? A sleek and low-slung super car looking piece of kit called the Survolt.

The Citroën Survolt made its debut in Geneva last March, but at the time there wasn’t a lot of details to go along with it. Really, it was one of those “looks great, less filling” kind of announcements. That isn’t the case now, Citroën is not only bringing the car to the track, but they have released some details of it drive systems and who will be piloting it this weekend. According to Carscoop, Vanina Ickx, Forumla One racing driver Jacky Ickx daughter, will be driving the new Survolt at the Lemans Classic. Under her control will be the 2,535-pound, 300 horsepower electrified car.

Citroën claims that the Survolt will make the 0-62 mph run in under five seconds and be capable of achieving a top speed of 162 mph. Not to shabby and in line with the performance of current production electric sports cars like the Tesla. The driving range still seems a little lacking compared to the competition at 124 miles, but to be fair I could still commute daily to the office with my current 90-mile commute. No details have been released on the if/when the car will become a production model, but until then be sure to check out the video below.



[Source: Carscoop][Source: Carscoop]