Tesla Motors had quite a day on their first day of trading (more here), which was a little bit of a surprise to some experts considering the number of cars sold and the amount of money lost over that time period. Just in case you are keeping score, Tesla has sold a little over 1000 roadsters, but their bottom line is hardly in the black with losses of over 300 million over seven years. So how did day two of trading go? Let’s take a look.

Currently, the last price for TSLA was $23.83 per share, which puts it closing about six cents less than the end of trading yesterday. However, the stock is showing a lot interest with the day high being $30.42 and the day low being $23.30. If you are investing in Telsa Motors you should probably keep an eye on the analysts and what they are saying. Our partners over at TheCarConnection.com had an article yesterday on the IPO, including comments from industry experts (more here). In these times of market and industry volatility, the certainty of Tesla’s future is still a little hazy. Their prospectus has a lot of good information and positive goals, but there is also a lot of competition coming.

Bottom line—Tesla is taking a leap of faith as the first car company to IPO since Ford in 1956. Now it is history in the making.