2011 Nissan Leaf delay email

2011 Nissan Leaf delay email

We've been keeping you in the loop as High Gear Media--well, me in particular--angles to be among the first to drive and own the 2011 Nissan Leaf electric car.

Since Nissan opened up the ordering process to potential buyers earlier this year, the company's been aiming to release more specifics on the Leaf delivery process by June 30. In an email I received after I completed my Leaf order, Nissan wrote, "We will be in touch by June 30 with more details on your spot and how to begin preparing your home for your new car."

Today, the company missed that deadline, and said in an email that it still was hashing out delivery details:

"Thank you again for your continued commitment to driving a Nissan Leaf. You have reserved your place in history and will be one of the first in your area to own one.We are still finalizing some details of the order process, and we will be in touch later this summer with additional information on your order timing. Rest assured, this will not impact your reservation status. We will continue to keep you updated with all developments as they occur."

It's possible that I've received this email based on location. It's been part of the ongoing Leaf tour, but Nissan has not confirmed that my hometown of Atlanta will be among the eight locales where it will begin selling the electric car by the end of the year. As I push this blog post live, I haven't been able to confirm if pre-orderers across the country received the same email.

Why not tell us if you've heard differently? If you signed up for a Leaf, and received a firm delivery date and more complete instructions, contact us at desk [at] highgearmedia (dot) com and forward what you received.