Hot off the press, THINK the maker of the micro electric vehicle (EV) has taken part in the START Eco Time Trial EV race outside of Sumerset in England. The time trial is being hailed as the first electric vehicle race and Scandinavian EV maker THINK wasn’t going to be left out of the mix. Before we get to far, we should mention that this isn’t a stock THINK City EV, but no competitive racecar is stock, nor was this a stock race.

This particular THINK City was “converted into a race-ready model by the EV Cup team of specialists in London,” according to the official press release. Officially called the Think City ‘EV Cup Edition’, the car has had some where in the neighborhood of 70kg removed from it by removing the interior and replacing the glass with Perspex. The center of gravity has been lowered and the handling improved by the addition of a racing suspension. Then there is the power—with a new code update from THINK especially for the EV Cup Edition, the car is said to give “very exciting performance.”

It is a hard thing to wrap ones head around, a micro EV racing, so we are thankful that THINK provided video of this historic event. Be sure to check it out below and if you are unfamiliar with the THINK City, then ready our recap here.


[Source: newspress]