2011 Honda Accord Sedan

2011 Honda Accord Sedan

The 2011 Honda Accord receives a number of updates, and while the addition of a new trim level and some exterior and interior upgrades will gain most of the attention, perhaps the biggest news is that Honda is promising a fuel-economy boost.

Four-cylinder models equipped with the automatic transmission are expected to gain 2 mpg city and 3 mpg highway for 2011, bringing the total to 23 mpg city and 34 mpg highway.

Honda claims that improved aerodynamics, improved engine friction, and changes to the transmission gear ratios deserve credit for the higher mpg numbers.

Whatever the case, the increased mpg numbers will give help the Accord fend off mid-size challengers such as the Ford Fusion Hybrid. Promising more fuel economy from a non-hybrid powertrain could make the Accord more appealing to buyers who value high-mileage cars but don't want to pay a premium for a hybrid.

And with that, the updated Accord might help Honda lure a few more buyers into showrooms.