2010 Tesla Roadster Sport

2010 Tesla Roadster Sport

You've seen it all--Alpine hikers plummeting to their deaths, women losing tube tops and falling down spinning the big wheel, people losing their "stuff" when they bid exactly right on a Showcase Showdown. But have you ever seen one winner walk away with more than $112,000 on The Price is Right?

Nope, and you still haven't.

TV's longest running game show plays up Earth Day today with the first-ever giveaway of a 2010 Tesla Roadster, which will not be the new personal whip of one winner who failed to pick the right final number in the price of the $112,845 Roadster. We're showing it to you now, without a spoiler alert, since it's almost afternoon--and we're betting not too many couch potatoes are reading right now.

According to the Palo Alto-based automaker (and High Gear Media neighbor), the Roadster's the most expensive prize ever offered on the daytime perennial, hosted by brush-cut comedian Drew Carey.

Sure, they gave away Cadillacs and such during his tenure--but we're betting Bob Barker is having someone spayed and neutered right now for letting this big handout happen under Carey's watch, even if it wasn't handed out. And if you've seen Happy Gilmore, you know Barker throws a mean hook.

[Via Autoblog]