Our reader Javier M writes:

I'm 99 percent convinced I want a Prius. However, there is one question: Does the "Prius V Model" come with a regular sunroof standard (within the $28,875 price)?

I want to purchase the "basic" Prius V, but I do not wish to get any major upgrades (no navigation, etc). However, I was wondering if the Prius V has a NORMAL SUNROOF, or does it come with a hard top (no sunroof)? Thanks a lot! Love the blogs.

2010 Toyota Prius

2010 Toyota Prius

Well, Javier, thanks for the good words. We spent some time checking out the 2010 Toyota Prius online configurator on the Toyota.com website--just to double-check our knowledge that the Prius V has no available factory sunroof of any kind.

On the Features & Specs page, it shows that the Solar Moonroof (to give its proper name) is not available on the Prius V trim level. And there is no optional "regular" sunroof listed on the Options page.

So your answer is, to get the Prius V trim, you actually have to give up any opportunity of having an opening roof.

Turns out that's because the added weight of the Solar Moonroof option, on top of all the other equipment in the Prius V, would kick the car into a different weight class. At least, that's what Toyota told us at the Prius Connection New York event we attended in February.

There are several options you can choose to forgo even on the top-of-the-range Prius V, by the way, though you may have trouble finding a "stripped" Prius V model at a dealer.

(Make sure to ask your salesperson about "dealer trades" to swap for the car you want with another dealer, but be prepared to order one to get the specification you want.)

Those options include a navigation system, Safety Connect (which alerts a central operator if you're in an accident), radar adaptive cruise control, lane-keeping assist, intelligent parking assist, and a pre-collision system.