• 2010 Toyota Prius solar moonroof

    Our reader Javier M writes: I'm 99 percent convinced I want a Prius. However, there is one question: Does the "Prius V Model" come with a regular sunroof standard (within the $28,875 price)? I want to purchase the "basic" Prius V, but I do not wish to get any major upgrades (no navigation, etc). However, I was wondering if the Prius V has a NORMAL SUNROOF, or does it come with a hard top (no sunroof)? Thanks a lot! Love the blogs. Well, Javier, thanks for the good words. We spent some time checking out the 2010 Toyota Prius online configurator on the Toyota.com website--just to double-check...

  • 2010 Toyota Prius solar moonroof
    2010 Toyota Prius: Solar Sunroof Smash Success, Hard To Get

    By now, anyone who's shopping for a 2010 Toyota Prius knows that Toyota's newest hybrid is a smash hit. Global demand is high, the company is making as many cars as it can get battery packs for, and the US Cash-for-Clunkers program has boosted sales of the new hybrid even above already-high demand...

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