The Nissan Leaf may occupy most of the headlines about electric vehicles coming soon, but another automaker is on the verge of release their own EV that could take the U.S. by storm.  Who are they?

Coda Automotive.  Yes they are certainly less well known than Nissan, but that does not make their EV any less credible or spectacular.  Coda has kept most of the info about their EV under wraps and is still not letting anyone drive the vehicle for testing yet, but the Coda EV seems to be the real deal.

Plug-In America member Sherry Boschert got some time in the Coda EV during the San Francisco Electric Vehicle Association meeting.  Boschert's ride took place with Coda representative Phil Gow and two other passengers.

Driving a vehicle and going along for the ride are two entirely different things, but there is video of the event and it shows a detailed view of the vehicle's interior.

In addition to the ride, Boschert has posted some stats that were likely revealed by Coda representatives.  The Coda EV has a 333 volt, 33.8 kWh, 728 cell battery.  The battery makeup is lithium-iron phosphate and is warranted by Coda for 8 years or 100,000 miles.  The vehicle's range is expected to fall between 90 and 120 miles and the annual output is pegged at 20,000 units.  Estimated price is around $30,000 after the $7,500 tax credit is factored in.

The battery warranty alone should be enough to persuade some buyers to give the relatively unknown Coda brand a try.  Nissan has some competition to contend with.

Watch the video below for a sneak peek at the Coda EV.

Source:  In the Driver's Seat