Citroen Diesel Hybride

Citroen Diesel Hybride

Hybrids have been quite the topic of discussion for the past couple years (especially when gas hiked to $4 a gallon) and now we are starting to see more development of what could be the next best wave in hybrid development—Diesel Hybrids. What could be better right? With a Clean Diesel and hybrid powertrain it isn’t unreasonable to believe that this would give motorists the largest range of travel for the least amount of money per day.

This is where GM enters the picture; it is pretty widely known that technology won’t spread throughout the automotive industry without research and development (R&D) dollars. So it is a good indication of future technology when a major car company picks up the ball and runs with the R&D. According to in the UK, GM Europe is doing just that at their headquarters in Turin by studying the feasibility of integrating the company’s current hybrid components with diesel engines.

Turin is home to the GM Global Diesel Engine Development Center, which includes a special unit that is dedicated to diesel hybridization. GM’s advanced technology chief engineer, Maurizio Cisternino, indicated that GM is looking to the C and D-segment cars for the “more substantial electrification.” Basically, that means they are looking to put their most advanced hybrid system in those segments.

Current time frame for the release of a diesel hybrid is slated for within the 5 years from today, but early prototypes of at least the new 1.6-liter engine platform are said to be running in laboratory conditions. Can you imagine being able to get 50 mpg in town and on the highway? Just don't look for it to come from Toyota first, they have steadfastly refused to delve into the passenger car diesel hybrid market.


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