Sometimes automakers try to sneak news on by us.  Why?  We don't exactly know.  Perhaps they test us to see if we can catch the info.  Perhaps they don't want the news to become widespread yet.  Or perhaps they just don't have much info to release yet.  In any case, an announcement from an automaker regarding an EV, no matter how big or small the announcement is, is news worthy of print for us.

Nissan issued a briefing for the Nissan Leaf.  The sheet discussed some attributes of the vehicle and discussed the automakers future plans for electric vehicles.  Contained within the briefing was info about the upcoming Leaf EV, the Infiniti EV, and the e-LCV small cargo van.  These vehicles have been covered and reported on in the past.  However, it was a small blurb that caught our eye about another Nissan product.  Nissan announced a "new concept" vehicle that will become the companies fourth model to join the EV lineup.

And that's all the company said.  Literally, they stopped at "new concept".  There is no info regarding when we will see this concept vehicle, when it will reach the public, what type of EV it will be, or if it will ever be available to the public.

As Nissan has said before, they are set on eventually offering a full range of electric vehicles to satisfy buyers in all vehicle categories.  The Leaf is a midsize, mainstream sedan offering, the Infiniti EV is a sporty, luxurious 4 seater, and the e-LCV is a multipurpose van likely to see commercial delivery use.  That leaves gaps for the "new concept" EV to fill, but it remains to be seen which gap Nissan chooses to fill next.  Could this be the compact SUV concept that the company was expected to reveal back in August but never did? Or maybe the company is simply referring to its Land Glider EV displayed before.

We will provide updates of this "new concept" as additional information becomes available.

Source:  Nissan Leaf Briefing