Starting on December 17th, the Tesla Roadster Sport will make an epic, cross country journey on its way to the North American International Auto Show in Detroit, Michigan.

The journey will begin in Los Angeles and cover 2,700 miles arriving in Detroit at the end of the trip on January 8th.  The trip includes stops in numerous cities.  The brief stops will give the Roadster time for recharging while on display for public viewing.

16 Tesla employees will pilot the Roadster along the way.  The entire journey will of course be gas free.  Tesla calls the trip "Putting Mud on the Tires for the Detroit Auto Show."  The trips purpose is to show the public that a Tesla Roadster is a capable performer in any weather condition.  As Tesla said, "It looks just as good with mud on the tires as it does on the showroom floor."

Given the time of year and the vehicle's route, it's likely that the Roadster will encounter some snowy conditions as well as mud.  Tesla is attempting to prove that whoever said that a roadster that can go 0-60 in only 3.7 seconds is not suitable for winter use is blatantly wrong.

For additional details about the trip including the route, city stops, and daily blog updates follow the link below.

Source:  Tesla Motors