Back in 1998, a little known group called Renew America Roadtrip headed out on an adventure that was unheard of at the time. They drove cross country in a fully electric EV1. Their goal then was to prove that an EV could capably motor across our nation using the existing infrastructure. Well, history now repeats itself as they are back at it again.

This time around, their ride is a little more refined and advanced. They have chosen the Tesla Roadster as their companion for the trek. Once again, they aim to prove that EVs are feasible today. They want to prove that the existing charging infrastructure is adequate to support such a trip and to dispel beliefs that EVs are still a long way from viability.

Their trip will take them to several events along the way. If you interested in following them, you can find a complete listing of their locations as well as scheduled appearances by following the link at the bottom of the page.

The trip will raise money for charity and to persuade Americans to accept EVs.

A quote from a Renew America Roadtrip supporter says it best, "The Renew America Roadtrip flies in the face of the impractical sticker that has long been illegitimately slapped onto the electric car. By driving across the United States in a production electric vehicle, the RAR team will in a very tangible, visible, and undeniable was address the myths and propaganda that have been used to Kill the Electric Car."

Source: Renew America Roadtrip