As I mentioned previously in our Tata Nano Hybrid story, minicars are becoming the in thing, especially at the Auto Shows. The Los Angeles or L.A. Auto Show is no exception and with that we have learned today that Honda plans to debut a new ultra-compact urban commuter car in L.A. this week. Now we aren’t sure if P-NUT is the best name for a concept car, but the concept itself does seem promising.

The Honda P-NUT is supposed to “demonstrate a futuristic concept for an ultra-compact, aggressively designed coupe.” I don’t know about you, but I can’t wait to see what an “aggressively designed coupe” looks like, but in the mean time let us reveal the meaning behind the name. P-NUT stands for Personal Neo Urban Transport and if I were guessing it is going to be in the same vain as the GM P.UM.A prototype that we reported on back in April.

The debut of the Honda P-NUT should be Wednesday December 2, so keep tuning in for more information as we hear it right here at