If you have ever seen the Fast and the Furious (the original movie) you might remember a scene where they are giving thanks before their meal. That scene probably evoked a chuckle from car enthusiasts due to the automotive nature of the thankful prayer. Seeing as how AllSmallCars.com just can’t stay away from the small autos, we thought that this would be the perfect time to give thanks for five of the small cars we are thankful for in 2009.

2010 Toyota Prius

2010 Toyota Prius

This isn’t an easy decision with a lot of good vehicles on the market, but this Thanksgiving we have chosen (in no particular order) the 2009 MINI Cooper Clubman, 2010 Toyota Prius, 2009 Mazda Miata, 2010 Kia Soul and 2009 Smart ForTwo. Why these cars? Check out our Thanksgiving honors below:

2009 Mini Cooper Clubman—When MINI needs to be a little more, we are thankful for this Mary Poppin’s Bag with certain British je ne sais quoi. Whether you are off to road rallye or holiday shopping at the mall, this small car is bound to but a smile on your face as you slip into gaps an urban assault vehicle could only hope wedge into.

2010 Toyota Prius—In a world where excess has been more common than not, the Prius is truly a breath of fresh air. We give our thanks to a car that has changed the common mans opinion about the future of the automobiles and what will power them. Here is to being green…we all know it isn’t easy.

2009 Mazda Miata—With an affordable drop top, suspension that invites the curves and personality that rivals its British influencers, we are thankful for every sunny, wind-in-your hair moment that plasters a smile on our faces.

2010 Kia Soul—A vehicle that should inspire a spirit cheer or a ride on the “soul train”, the 2010 Kia Soul reminds us to be thankful of the youth within all of us. Whether you dig its light up speakers that move to the beat, its edgy styling or attractive entry-level price, this car definitely has soul.

2009 Smart ForTwo—This is a car for the individual, for the person who needs no excess and the person who is thankful that can park nose in at a curb. Besides being adorable, the Smart ForTwo inspires us to ask, do we really need a big car to pop around the city? We are thankful that someone made micro and who better than the Swiss.


With that we have rounded out our Thanksgiving top five and we wish everyone a Happy Thanksgiving. Keep an eye out as we give thanks for more things all small cars through out the day!