If you are a fan of the History Channel’s documentary series, The Universe, then you will likely recognize Dr. Amy Mainzer, a frequent commentator for the program.  In a recent episode of The Universe, filmed in August, Dr. Mainzer was able to drive and discuss the Tesla Roadster.  As it turns out, it wasn’t her first experience with this top-of-the-line EV.  Back in February, a good friend let Amy drive her Tesla Roadster, which she blogged about here.

Having previously owned a Mazda Miata for many years, Amy is no stranger to sporty coupes and their attributes.  She credits both Tesla Roadsters with being "perfectly comfortable and easy to get into and out of".  She also notes that "the climate control works fine" and the "interior layout was sensible and well-proportioned".  With great enthusiasm she adds – "it takes off like the Superman ride at Magic Mountain".

Currently, Amy drives a 2008 Prius, and is "considering buying an electric car of some type". Of course, the Tesla Roadster is her "dream car", but she is excited to see so many new EV options going into production. Of special interest is that she would "love to test drive a (Nissan) LEAF."

To the regular readers of www.allcarselectric.com, she adds, "Now that I have learned about allcarselectric, I’ll be a regular reader. It’s very helpful."