Nissan has released another video in the series that feature the upcoming Nissan Leaf EV.  View the video in its entirety below.

This new video reveals a few addition details about the Leaf.  According to the company, the Leaf will feature LED powered headlights and taillights.  This design and use of LED technology will reduce the load on the battery system as LEDs operate with about 1/10 the electricity of conventional bulbs.

Additional design elements focus on aerodynamics of the vehicle.  According to Nissan, aerodynamics were a main focus throughout the design process.  For instance, the flat floor was designed to reduce wind resistance and the unique headlights were designed to reduce wind noise and resistance by splitting and redirecting airflow away from the outside mirrors.

Why did Nissan choose the unique shade of blue for the Leaf?  According to the company, the color resembles "the color of the earth as seen from above."  Nissan has named the Leaf blue as Aqua Globe.

The video goes into detail about the above aspects of the vehicle.

Source:  Nissan