Here's a frightening scene from the streets of Denmark submitted to Autopia by reader, Lars H. A Tesla Roadster was involved in a three-way crash with a Volkswagen Touareg and a Toyota Prius earlier this week. Apparently the Roadster was stopped behind the Touareg when the Prius rear-ended the Roadster, pushing it under the SUV.

According to an email sent to Autopia by Tesla spokeswoman, Rachel Konrad, the owner of the Roadster was not driving or in the car at the time of the crash. The driver escaped with only minor bruises and as one commenter noted, the Roadster's passenger compartment appeared to hold up well under the weight of the 5,000-plus pound Touareg. We don't have any information on the occupants of the other vehicles.

For more discussion of the accident and an additional photo, check out the forum on the Tesla Motors Club website and Flickr.

Source: Autopia