Buick Avant Concept sketch

Buick Avant Concept sketch

The GM Lab website, recently launched to gauge customer reactions to it’s concept car ideas, introduced Monday what they are calling a compact car with “premium features”. According to GM, the automotive markets for luxury are changing and the Buick Avant Concept is on the cutting edge of these changes.

GM says on its Lab website: “The world of luxury is changing. It isn’t all about bling.  As luxury customers become more discerning, more conscientious, and more pressed for time, there is a way to improve their lives with a small premium car.” They continue by explaining that this new type of small compact luxury car is relevant to today’s market, as well as, future markets. GM believes that this kind of car will allow people to have efficient, guilt-free and pleasurable experience of a full-size luxury car on a smaller scale.


Bottom line—GM is looking for feedback from real people on these types of thoughts and designs, so check out the video below and then visit the GM Lab site and let them know what you think. My opinion on the matter—the whole idea behind luxury is that it is unjustifiable and to some degree unattainable to the masses. It is an excess that many strive to obtain, so by making it smaller, less luxurious and, in essence, different means that it won’t fill the place of another type of car, but create yet another niche market.



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