With EVs becoming a prominent feature of auto shows around the world, Renault has decided to unveil 4, yes 4 all new fully electric concept vehicles at the Frankfurt Motor Show earlier this week.

All four vehicles utilize a similar battery to the lithium-ion setup displayed in Nissan's Leaf, a partner company of Renault.  The four concepts displayed use the moniker ZE for zero emissions and each vehicle varies significantly from one another and is targeted at distinctly different buyers.

The first concept the Twizy ZE is also the smallest on display.  It's a two seat design with performance and handling similar to a small engine motorcycle and is designed as a city runabout.

Next up is the Zoe ZE.  The Zoe is as Renault says, "a compact, versatile car for those who use their cars for short journeys on a daily basis and seek a comfortable relaxing drive in a personalizable cabin.  This vehicle displays sporty coupe styling.

The third vehicle in the lineup is the Fluence ZE.  This is the most"normal" looking vehicle of the bunch and rightfully so.  This vehicle will be the first offered by the Better Place project where customers will lease their electric cars and pay for only the mileage they use.  Renault will lease at least 100,000 of these vehicles in Israel and Denmark starting by June 2011.

The final vehicle on display is the newly redesigned Kangoo BeBop ZE.  The Kangoo Bebop ZE is an electric version of the companies successful city delivery van.  The concept on display shows a restyled Kangoo that forgoes the straight sides in favor of dramatic curves and an overall modern design.

Renault, with 4 EV concepts on display is yet another company racing to become a leader in the EV market.  Stay with us for additional details on the Fluence ZE and Kangoo BeBop ZE including full specs and additional release information.

Vehicles as pictured from left to right; Fluence ZE, Twizy ZE, Kangoo BeBop ZE, Zoe ZE

Source:  Renault Press Release  Registration required